HR Compliance & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training that enhances your workplace culture.

SHIFT’s courses are designed by experts to engage and inspire empathy through thought-provoking scenarios, providing your organization with a lasting, positive impact.

“SHIFTING” Corporate Culture to Ignite Inclusive Work Environments


Engage & enlighten your workforce


Minimize conflict & legal risks


Customized for your organization’s needs


Make a lasting impact in your workplace with thought-provoking, interactive scenarios.

Detail-oriented, true-to-life scenarios presented in an interactive and impactful format keep your employees focused and engaged while learning.


Developed by Award-Winning Experts

All of SHIFT’s training programs are created by top-rated Employment Law Attorneys, Business Leaders, Social Psychologists, and Subject Matter Experts.


Stimulates the Brain’s Empathic Response

Our courses are created to stimulate understanding, consideration, and empathy to make a truly lasting, positive impact on your workplace culture.


A comprehensive offering of essential topics in HR compliance and DEI training.

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    Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination (CA, CT, DE, IL, ME & NY/NYC compliant)

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    Code of Conduct: Cultivating Workplace Ethics and Preventing Bribery, Fraud and Corruption

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    Building Employee Inclusion and Promoting an Upstander Culture

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    Creating a Culture of Civility and Respect in the Workplace

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    How to be an Upstander in the Face of Racism

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    Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

  • ic-section2-courseBookmark-green@2x

    Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying

  • ic-section2-courseBookmark-green@2x

    Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

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    Disability Etiquette and Beyond

About Shift

SHIFT is a provider of HR compliance and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training programs offered in both an instructor-led or eLearning format.

SHIFT’s highly engaging courses, are based on real life scenarios and are focused on nuanced areas that employees often have difficulty navigating in the workplace.

Our team partners with HR and DEI professionals like you to construct a comprehensive training program to address the needs of your organization.


Practicing Employment Attorneys

Social Psychologists

eLearning Experts

Organizational Development Professionals

Corporate Trainers

Certified DEI Professionals



Our learning management system streamlines the learning & administrative experience.

SHIFT’s online training modules can be accessed through our award-winning, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).


Bulk enrollment

The quicker learners are enrolled, the faster you can train. Bulk enrollment lets you enroll thousands of learners at one time in minutes, regardless of your company size.


Seamless updates

SHIFT courses are continuously monitored to reflect up-to-date legal mandates. Updates are seamlessly pushed to courses via the cloud.



Track a learner’s activity in real-time. Customize and run your own reports for record-keeping. Each learner receives a certificate confirming they have completed the course.



Access courses on any device. Progress is automatically bookmarked, allowing a learner to log out and return to the course at a later, more convenient time.

Already have an LMS?

Detail-oriented, true-to-life scenarios presented in an interactive and impactful format keep your employees focused and engaged while learning.



Real Workplaces. Real impact.

SHIFT’s online training modules can be accessed through our award-winning, cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).

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Director, HR Compliance, Gale Healthcare Solutions

“Best product ever. So easy to use and great for our managers managing multiple states.”

HR Director, RX Medical

"Your attention to detail and follow-up was key in ensuring the rollout of our training was a success. The time you spent going through the demos and explaining the contracts and timelines was appreciated and actually enjoyable. Your continued involvement after the contract was signed is what I valued the most though. I have worked with other companies before where this was not the case. SHIFT definitely stands apart from the rest."

Director, Dun & Bradstreet

"I completed the course and really appreciate the quality of the training. The last exercises on real life cases were very close to situations that I would expect to encounter and this was really helpful. We need more of these types of training!"

Rob Doodian
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, AMC Networks

"We had a great experience working with SHIFT. They took the time to understand our culture and were very responsive and flexible to make sure that the training met the needs of our organization, both eLearning and on-site. The feedback that we received about the live training from our senior leaders was very positive."

James Cohen
Director of Strategic Alliances at Corporate Training Group, Inc.

"In my opinion, harassment training is all the same, boring and uninspired. However, after seeing this training program, I am thoroughly impressed. It's current and engaging and nothing like what I've ever seen before."

Rob Finney
President at CommCapp

"I am very pleased with the decision to use SHIFT’s Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Training. I believe online training of this caliber is something which all businesses should consider because of its ease and effectiveness."

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